Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

The three of us headed out of town to see the dads on Saturday for Father's Day weekend. We celebrated at my dad & Marty's on Saturday evening. Anna had some playmates while we were there--my stepsister's boys, Jack & Drew, were in town too. Anna had fun crawling around with Jack. The biggest delight was that she finally warmed up to her Grandpa Miller! Anna has been so shy around him (most men actually) but Saturday she sat on his lap, helped him open his presents, and played on the couch with him. She even gave him a big hug and cried for him to get in the car with us as we were leaving.

On Sunday we spent the day with Jonathan's dad and family. I didn't get any pictures of Anna with Papaw (sorry Papaw!) but got a few at the pool with her daddy and Uncle Chris.

Anna and her Grandpa Miller.
Grandpa got his ear full on Saturday. Don't know that he understood any of it, but Anna sure enjoyed telling him her stories.
Anna helping Grandpa open his present.
Playing with the Seasame Street magnet board; Jack looks like he got tired of it and decided to crawl away!
After seeing Jack crawl around the kitchen and den Anna decided she'd join him. I'm pretty sure Jack would beat Anna in a crawling contest; she never learned to crawl very well.

Anna and her daddy playing at the pool on Father's Day.
It's such a pleasure to see Anna having so much fun in the pool this summer. She was so afraid last summer and even before we began swim lessons in May. Now she doesn't want to get out!
Whee! Uncle Chris throwing Anna up in the air. He and her daddy had to take turns so their shoulders could rest because she wanted to be thrown up constantly.

Jonathan, Anna, Rachel, Uncle Chris & Sarah. A rare still moment in the pool!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday at the Park

Jonathan, Anna and I spent our morning Saturday at a local park. God blessed us with a beautiful sunny day and fortunately the park had lots of shade which made it even more pleasant. We spent some time at the pond first letting Anna chase and then feed the ducks and fish. We were cracking up at her because as she was feeding bread to the ducks & fish she would take a few bites for herself. Later we played on the playground. I say we because as you'll see in one of the pictures below I'm not sure who had more fun on some of the equipment, Anna or her daddy! Hey, wait up ducks! I have some bread for you!
Anna & Daddy getting ready to feed the ducks. Mommy and Anna trying to feed the duck. This one wasn't too interested in our bread though.
Check out the face--what a goof ball! Like I mentioned above, I'm not sure who had more fun on the playground Anna or her Daddy!
Anna's not too sure about this. The ride was pretty short since her Daddy's body took up over half the slide!
Anna swinging her baby doll.