Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

I did a terrible job of taking pictures this week when we were with our family. I didn't get any of my side of the family but we did stop to take a few with Jonathan's (Anna would not get in any of those pictures though)! We had a great time with both sets of parents, our brothers and family & my grandparents. Anna and her daddy doing the twist on their knees. It was quite funny to watch. Anna not only twists her little body but she swings her head back and forth too--you can tell by looking at her hair!
The Norton boys and their mama (Rachel & Sarah too).

Wish Anna would have gotten in this picture!

Jonathan's brother Chris and his girls.

Our nieces, Sarah & Rachel. Anna had such a good time playing with them this week. They were so sweet to her and gave her lots of attention!

First Hair Cut!!

I finally decided that it was time to get Anna's hair cut. Several people have made good comments about a kid friendly place called Pigtails & Crewcuts which is right down the road from our parents. We took her Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The place was very cute. There was a playroom with lots of toys, coloring books, etc. to play with while you wait and the chairs for Anna's age were little cars that they could sit in. Unfortunately Anna didn't think they were as cute as I did. She screamed and refused to sit in one. The lady helping us was very patient and moved us to the regular hair cut chairs and had me sit and hold Anna but that didn't work either. Anyhow, as you can see I ended up standing and holding Anna while the lady trimmed her hair. Anna was fairly cooperative but was definately not thrilled with the process. She has, however, been talking about her haircut and showing everyone. It didn't make too much difference b/c her hair is pretty wild and does it's own thing. At least it's even around the edges now though! Always an adventure with a two year old!!


This was taken several weekends ago at one of Jonathan's basketball games. Anna and I ate at Chick fil A on the way to the game and I got her an ice cream to take to the game. A girl after my own heart--she loves ice cream!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Purr-fect Halloween!

Anna dressed up as a black kitty for Halloween. I dressed her up earlier this week for the Fall Festival at the library and she did great; she was not as cooperative on Halloween. She didn't want me to paint her face and kept saying "no tail". She didn't realize that I had pinned her tail to the inside of her pants and she wore it all evening! This year we decided to try trick or treating at the mall. It worked out great for us. It was warm inside and there was plenty of candy. Plus, as unsure as Anna was the whole evening I'm pretty sure knocking on doors in the dark would not have gone over too well. She wanted me to carry her at the mall but we soon got smart and rented a little red car to push her in. She was happy with it and it made it much easier on me. We couldn't get her to say trick or treat to the people giving out candy but it didn't take her long how to figure out to hold her little princess bucket out for them to drop the candy in! We ended our evening by going to the first half of the Berry Men's basketball game. Jonathan's team was there and all of them dressed up too. Anna usually goes right to his players but she was very shy with them all dressed up!