Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Latest with Emma...

Our sweet Emma is 8 months old! The time is just flying by with her but I'm trying to soak up as many of those sweet baby kisses as I can. She is such an easy going little thing and happy most all of the time. She loves to squeal and is making more sounds. She started with dada and now will even say mama sometimes. I don't know that she associates it with me yet though but I like to think so anyway :) . She's not crawling or walking yet but she loves to stand up (as you'll see in the bottom pictures). If we are playing on the floor and she's near one of us she grabs on and tries to pull up. She'd much rather stand than sit. She will roll some if she's on her stomach and looks like she's about ready to crawl when she's on her belly but mostly ends up sliding backward (which frustrates her). I'm posting a few pictures from today. She road in the wagon for the first time and the others are of her playing inside. I did include one with Anna in it. She's doing great as well and growing up way too fast. She wrote a letter A all by herself the other day and I was so shocked. I'll have to start recording some of the things she says and do a blog just on her. She has some pretty good "one liners" and keeps us laughing around here! Emma's first wagon ride! Not a very long one was pretty windy and chilly outside today :)
Our future basketball star (daddy hopes) with little sister.

One of her favorite toys to play with these days. It was Anna's and is getting great use for the second time around. Anything she can stand and play with is a hit!

I thought this was funny. Another new thing Emma likes to do is to stand at the toy chest and play. I think she likes the standing part better than any of the toys. Here she is picking something out to play with.

Looks like she's waving :)