Friday, December 19, 2008

Ginger Bread Houses

Our friends Casey, Molly & Will came over this afternoon to make ginger bread houses. We used graham crackers instead of ginger bread so I guess we should have called them graham cracker houses. Anyhow, it was the first time Anna has done something like this. She enjoyed eating the candy of course and helped a little with decorating. Molly really got into decorating hers (she's 4)! We had a fun time but thankfully our house won't be entered in any kept caving in and I tried to "glue" it back together with icing. Thanks for suggesting this Casey; lets do it again next year! Anna & Molly hard at work!

Anna pausing for a smile before eating another piece of candy!

Molly putting on the finishing touches!

School Christmas Party

Jonathan & I went to Anna's class Christmas party on Wednesday. One of the little girls in Anna's class was having her 2nd birthday so her parents brought in cupcakes. We were expecting some Christmas songs or other festivities but they sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes and that was the end of the Christmas party! We just laughed! Anna loved the cupcake!

New wake-up call

Last week Anna woke me up with a new greeting: "Mommy, come here! I want you!" She started off quietly and then worked her way up to a volume she was sure I could hear. It was 6:30 am on the weekend at my mom's house. I rolled over, laughed to myself, and smiled and thought she sure is getting smart! What mom can resist that kind of a wake-up call? I actually resisted for about 30 more minutes while I "rested my eyes" and let her sing and talk in her crib. She has continued to give me similar wake-up calls but thankfully not all at that hour.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Time with Grandpa

This past Sunday Anna and I got to visit with Grandpa Miller (my dad). This was a special treat for both of us as we don't get to do it often enough! Anna is still pretty shy around her Grandpa but gets a little better each time she sees him. She got really tickled with the pictures he drew her on the doodle pro of minnie mouse and of herself (I got a good laugh too). She also enjoyed sharing goldfish with her grandpa--more than mom would normally let her have. We love you dad and wish we could see you more!! The three of us.
Anna watching Grandpa draw Minnie Mouse.

Anna and Grandpa.