Sunday, April 13, 2008

Basketball Banquet

Jonathan's team had their end of the year banquet at a local italian restaurant on Thursday night. Anna thought she was the star of the evening of course and really enjoyed "hanging out" with the team. Here she is with Amy's credit card and keys! I thought we had a few more years before that happened...

A rare picture of the three of us!
Coach K (Amy) and Anna. You notice that Anna is eating bread. The best way to get her on your lap is to bribe her with food; she loves to eat! She loves Amy though. Amy spends lots of time playing with Anna when we're up at Berry (usually so mommy can go run--thanks Amy).
A big hug for Anna's buddy Coach K (Amy).
Erica and Anna. Anna is more shy around some of the girls than others but she always seems to go right to Erica. It helped that she had bread too!
Jonathan and his two assistants, Amy & Keta.
Part of the team (plus some parents). It's always fun to see the girls out of uniform; they looked very pretty.

The rest of the team; ya'll looked beautiful too!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Pictures

Yesterday were Anna's spring pictures at school. We got her all dressed up only to find out when I picked her up that she wouldn't let them photograph her. Evidently the photographer was a male and most of you know that Anna is very shy around men. I was able to get a picture of her with her daddy outside before he took her yesterday (not without Elmo and the bottle of mouthwash in the picture of course)! Fortunately the school had pictures again today for the Tues/Thurs classes so they let me bring her and we were able to get her to cooperate this time (they let the female photographer take the pictures for us). Anna looked beautiful!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter Sunday!

We came back from Kevin's birthday party Saturday night so that we could be home for Easter Sunday and go to our own church. Although the Easter bunny did visit our house Sunday and the egg hunt was fun on Saturday we were thankful to get to church Sunday morning to celebrate the resurrection of our precious Savior, Jesus. I am reminded constantly as I watch our sweet 18 month old grow of the awesome giftS God has given us; first His one and only son and secondly our beautiful Anna! We are truly blessed!! Not the best backdrop (the garage floor ), but that precious smile makes up for it!

We didn't get any pictures of Anna's Easter basket before she got a hold of it. The Easter bunny brought a new Boz book, a stuffed duck, stickers, bubbles and eggs filled with raisins, animal crackers & cheerios (the healthy Easter bunny this year)! Anna loved the stickers!

Egg Hunt at Grandma's

We spent the Saturday before Easter at Grandma's house before we headed to Uncle Kevin's & Aunt Abby's for his surprise 30th birthday party! Grandma got out all of mine and Kevin's plastic easter eggs so we could let Anna participate in her first egg hunt. Daddy & Uncle Kevin hid the eggs (in very obvious places of course). Boz was along for the hunt and it was difficult to hold him, the basket, her new Boz book and load the eggs in the basket. She was really more interested in carrying the basket than finding the eggs but with some encouragement from all of us she managed to find a few!

This was at the end of the egg hunt. We put all of the eggs back in the basket for her and she dumped them all over the ground. She wanted her basket to be empty! She hasn't learned the difference between a basket and a purse...

She found some!
Mamaw Norton, Anna & Grandma Miller.
Grandma pulled Boz up on the internet. As you can see this was quite entertaining!