Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter Sunday!

We came back from Kevin's birthday party Saturday night so that we could be home for Easter Sunday and go to our own church. Although the Easter bunny did visit our house Sunday and the egg hunt was fun on Saturday we were thankful to get to church Sunday morning to celebrate the resurrection of our precious Savior, Jesus. I am reminded constantly as I watch our sweet 18 month old grow of the awesome giftS God has given us; first His one and only son and secondly our beautiful Anna! We are truly blessed!! Not the best backdrop (the garage floor ), but that precious smile makes up for it!

We didn't get any pictures of Anna's Easter basket before she got a hold of it. The Easter bunny brought a new Boz book, a stuffed duck, stickers, bubbles and eggs filled with raisins, animal crackers & cheerios (the healthy Easter bunny this year)! Anna loved the stickers!

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karen said...

She is the sweetest, Michelle! I enjoyed nursery at church with her Sunday night. The Lord has blessed you with a precious angel. She reminded me of my oldest when she was a little angel. It breaks my heart to know I am heading into puberty very soon! How fast the days go by!

Loved her pictures with Boz and the basket! Love you guys!