Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Egg Hunt at Grandma's

We spent the Saturday before Easter at Grandma's house before we headed to Uncle Kevin's & Aunt Abby's for his surprise 30th birthday party! Grandma got out all of mine and Kevin's plastic easter eggs so we could let Anna participate in her first egg hunt. Daddy & Uncle Kevin hid the eggs (in very obvious places of course). Boz was along for the hunt and it was difficult to hold him, the basket, her new Boz book and load the eggs in the basket. She was really more interested in carrying the basket than finding the eggs but with some encouragement from all of us she managed to find a few!

This was at the end of the egg hunt. We put all of the eggs back in the basket for her and she dumped them all over the ground. She wanted her basket to be empty! She hasn't learned the difference between a basket and a purse...

She found some!
Mamaw Norton, Anna & Grandma Miller.
Grandma pulled Boz up on the internet. As you can see this was quite entertaining!

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