Tuesday, March 25, 2008

National Tournament Game

Jonathan's team lost their final game (75-68) in the National Tournament last Thursday. They played a great game and we are proud of the wonderful season they had; their record for the year was 26-8. Anna had a great time at the game despite the loss. Her friends Chase & Eli were there and she had a ball with them! Eli reading with Anna. He was so cute reading with her and telling her all of the animal sounds.
Chase, Anna & Eli. Chase got a teddy bear that they threw out to the crowd and let Anna keep it. She was thrilled (but she also wanted the ball he got too)!
Anna talking to Eli.
Anna got so tickled playing "try to throw the ball past Chase or Eli". They were very sweet to run after the ball and give it back to her everytime. She thought it was a great game!

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Chris <> said...

What a great kid! What a great season! We love you guys.