Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cousin's Wedding

We spent last weekend in Tallahassee, FL for my cousin Matt's wedding. The wedding was outside by a pool so needless to say it was HOT!! The girls were troupers and had a great time with extended family that we don't get to see often. Anna danced her little heart out. She cracked us up asking to dance even when noone else was on the dance floor and then even dancing right in the center of a group of adults and loving the attention. After the ceremony we stripped Emma down to her bloomers (you'll see in one of the pictures below) which made her much happier--and cooler. She was a sweet girl as usual and tolerated the heat and long evening much better than I expected.

My handsome cousin Matt; the groom.
His bride, Kristin.

Jonny & Anna
Kevin, Tyler & Abby

Uncle Jonny & Tyler

A sweaty pic of the 4 of us!

An attempt to get a picture of all of us--hate that you can't see Emma's face. She was more interested in the pool and probably wanted to jump in to cool off!

My cousin Brad's girls, Rachel & Rebecca, with Anna. Wish we lived closer to them; Anna had lots of fun following them around and playing!

Anna dancing in her daddy's arms.

Emma cooling off in her bloomers :)

Wish I had a video of Anna dancing. Here she is in action. She was soooo cute!
Me and the girls with my great grandma. What a blessing that my children have three living great grandparents!
My dad and the girls on the day after the wedding (they were looking into the sun).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

End of the year teacher gift idea!

Anna goes to preschool two mornings a week and tomorrow is her last day. I found some fun things at Target and put together a little gift for each teacher and thought I'd share the idea! I couldn't get my pictures in the reverse order so it starts with the finished product :)

This is the finished product. I rolled the towel up, put the nail files and polish in the make-up bag and tied with this lime green ribbon I had. I added a little card to each teacher and had Anna decorate the back of the card. I thought it turned out cute and fun for summer time!

For the lady that does art a few other special teachers that helped in Anna's room occassionally I did just the nail polish and files. 
Nail polish on sale at Target for $1.83, pack of 6 files for $0.50 and the make up bag $4.99. Not trying to be cheap but we are on a tighter budget these days :) 

Beach towel at Target for $5.99

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Family Reunion

We went to Young Harris, Ga this weekend for a family reunion for Jonathan's side of the family. How absolutely breathtaking the mountains are! I think I'd have a hard time living in the mountains though--I can't look to the side for a second around those curves without getting car sick! Anna had a fun time playing with second cousins at the park. Emma was happy to push her shopping cart around the grass. Emma with her shopping cart. My favorite toy these days because she can have a little freedom walking and not have to hold both of my hands everywhere she wants to go :)
Anna with Ashley & Betsy

My little sunshine's

Kind of a silly picture of Anna but I haven't done the best job lately of taking pictures of the girls. I snapped this one while we were out playing on the swings after nap time the other day. She was in the mood for a picture :) Both girls are keeping me busy and bring me great joy each day. One of our favorite songs to sing with Anna is you are my sunshine...she and Emma truly are our rays of sunshine! Anna is my little artist these days. She spends a lot of time at the kitchen table coloring, drawing, tracing, writing (or attempting to), gluing, etc. If she's not doing that she's reading (or telling what she remembers the story to be) to her pretend class or singing. She keeps us entertained! Emma does not stay still for a minute! She does not like to sit. She can crawl but doesn't like to. She'd much rather be standing or holding onto something and walking. She can pull up on anything, even the wall, and if she can reach it with even a finger she'll grab onto it and walk. It's kind of scary at times and keeps me on my toes! I keep waiting for her to just let go and start walking without help--it's coming very soon! Emma is also jabbering a lot more lately. I think she's trying to keep up with her big sister :) I'm so thankful for happy, healthy children!!

Mother's Day & Jonathan's Birthday

We celebrated Jonathan's 37th birthday on the Saturday before Mother's Day. His birthday is usually on or very near to Mother's Day so he has to share his celebration. This year he asked if our mom's would come to us for Mother's Day so he could be home for his birthday; they agreed. Mom came earlier in the weekend and his parents on Saturday night. We had a relaxed visit with everyone and mostly just stayed around the house playing with the girls. We are so thankful for both of our mother's! I'm blessed to have a mother who would do anything for me as well as a mother in law who treats me as if I'm one of her own. We love you both!! (Didn't get a good picture with my mom so I'll have to post one in the near future).

Dad's birthday

We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday with him on April 10th. It's hard to believe that my parent's are entering their 60's and Jonathan and I are getting closer to 40--my how time flies! We spent the afternoon at my Dad & Marty's house and then out to dinner. My dad is banker by day and a Harley rider by weekend. He wears a suit and tie all week long so when the weekend rolls around he is all Harley gear! It's been fun to see him so into his bike and have something outside of work that he enjoys but I do worry about his safety. We don't see enough of each other but I'm thankful for the short visits we get! Anna especially loves to go visit and eat goldfish with grandpa because he'll give her as many as she wants :) Love you dad!! The girls and I with my dad.
Dad & Marty.

Kevin, Abby & Tyler

Jonny & Anna