Monday, December 31, 2007

Thanksgiving time

I'm a little behind on my postings! Here are some pictures from near Thanksgiving time.

Anna playing in the leaves at Grandma's house.

Anna with her Great Grandma and Grandpa Henry.

4 generations, Mom, Anna, Me and my Grandma Henry.

A visit to Dad and Marty's before Thanksgiving. Me, Anna, Dad and Jack.

My stepsister Leslie and her little boy Jack. He has a little brother on the way; they'll be 13 months apart!!

Anna and her cousins, Sarah (9) and Rachel (11).

Papaw and Anna on Thanksgiving day.

Aunt Abby and Anna on Thanksgiving day.

Anna and her favorite baby doll; she loves to cuddle!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

Anna was a Lady Bug for Halloween. Isn't she adorable??? One of my nicknames for her is "deedle bug" because one of the first sounds she made was "deedle, deedle, deedle". Guess you'd have to be there to hear how cute it is! Anyway, our little deedle bug turned lady bug for the evening and was lots of fun to watch!
Checking out the neighbors...Anna has loved looking at our neighbor's (Mrs. Jennifer) pumpkins and scarecrows this season. I've been so tickled over how excited she gets everyday to go outside and look. She stands on our front steps and points and squeals for me to take her to wave at the scarecrows.
Ok mom, can we go get some candy?

We went to Jennifer & Jeff's first and they had a little treat bag made for Anna with M & M's, pencils and tootsie pops made into ghosts. She's really trying hard to get into the M & M's in this picture!

Pencils??? I can't eat these!!

Anna with our neighbors boys Cade & Cason.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. I meant for it to be at the end of the Halloween pictures...oh well!
Anna and her Daddy at the Fall Festival at Church.

Anna at the Fish Tank game at the Fall Festival (she didn't ever play but did enjoy looking around).
Isn't my Daddy cool?!?

Messy Eater!

I'm not sure what other 13 month old enjoys eating black beans and chicken but ours sure does! As you can see Anna not only loved putting it in her mouth but all over her face and in her hair as well! I was not very pleased but the mess was already made so I had to grab my camera and capture the moment--they are passing by so quickly!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Grandma's latest visit!

Grandma Miller came for a visit again while Jonathan was busy with recruiting. As usual Anna was happiest outside playing in the yard with her basketball and on her swing set!

What are you doing Grandma?

Who's having more fun, Grandma or Anna??

Friday, September 21, 2007

1 year check-up

Anna had her one year check-up yesterday (9-20-07). She weighs 20.14 lbs and is 30 inches long! The doctor says that she is right where she needs to be...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Note from Michelle

The birthday pictures are all up but in the wrong order! I'm still trying to figure this blog thing out...

Scroll down to the end of the page and work your way back up to view the birthday party in the order it really happened---sorry!

Cruising around the yard...

After lots of swinging Anna was ready to explore. She is walking pretty well on her own now although she still takes quite a few tumbles, especially when she gets excited and goes too fast.

Ready or not here I come!

Look at me...I'm the birthday girl!

Yes, her daddy is already getting her prepared. She may be ready to step in and play by next season...

Anna's new swing set

Anna's big present this year was a swing set. She absolutely loves being outside! She really loves the swing and is also getting more interested in the slide too. You can see the swing set from our kitchen & den windows so everytime Anna gets a glimpse she points and squeels for me to take her outside. We are averaging 3 to 4 times a day on the swing this week!
Whew hew!! I got a new swing set for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Look at me in my swing--this is so much fun!!!!!

My friend Molly & I are taking a break for a hug.

This swing set is just what I always wanted!

I'm so happy to be ONE!

Anna's new lady bug sandbox.

Anna's new "castle"! She loves her swing set. Thanks for all the hard work in getting it to our house Mamaw & Papaw (they spent hours taking it apart and then Papaw hauled it to Rome on his truck)!


I really thought Anna would love the cake; I was sure wrong! She poked at it with one finger a few times and then her daddy smashed her hand in it and stuck some in her mouth. She took a few tastes but didn't seem to be very interested. I also tried giving her a few bites of the homemade chocolate ice cream I made; that was no hit either.

Happy Birthday to you...

Hmmm...what do I do with this??

I have some on my hand--now what??

Does someone else want some? I don't really like this!

Time for presents!!!

All these presents--which one should I open first??

I still can't decide...

The little people farm from my Uncle Kevin & Aunt Abby--help me get into this!

This puppy from Mamaw & Papaw sure looks fun!

How does this work Grandma Miller?

Help! Mommy's trying to dress me up!