Friday, May 23, 2008

Family Fun!

Mamaw & Papaw came for a visit Thursday and Friday of this week. We started off Thursday morning at swim lessons. Anna was excited to have an audience just for her! While they were here Papaw fixed LOTS of things for Jonathan and I and also put molding up around our bathroom mirror. I'm surprised they keep coming back to visit us because everytime they come we put them to work! Mamaw and Anna played outside most of Friday while I started on my newest project for our bathroom, an antique cabinet that I'm painting. Anna and Mamaw watching Barney together. Anna has ditched her old favorite Boz for now. I don't know how she got on Barney but I'm hoping she's going to find a new favorite soon!
Anna dancing with her Papaw. She loves to dance!
Anna with her Papaw & Mamaw.

Mother's Day

We spent Mother's Day with--you guessed it--our mom's! We all went to church together at Jonathan's parents church on Sunday morning. We had lunch with my mom after church and then played for a little while at her house before heading to Jonathan's mom's for the rest of the afternoon/evening. These pictures are taken while we were at my mom's house. I think we took some at his mom's but she has them on her camera. It was a fun weekend! Anna looking up at the bubbles that Grandma and Aunt Abby were blowing for her.
Sweet girl!
Don't really know what she's doing here; thought it was cute though.
Almost impossible to get a picture with all of us smiling these days...
Me, my mom, and brother Kevin.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Swim lessons!!

We signed Anna up for swim lessons at the YMCA. She goes twice a week for 4 weeks. The first lesson was quite an experience...she cried the entire time! The pictures below are after she got out on the first day. The second lesson went much better. She cried a little at first but by the end she was laughing and having a good time. Jonathan and I are both able to get in with her during the lessons and are hoping that this week she'll start to really enjoy it. We'd love to be able to get her in the pool this summer without tears!!

Funny Faces!!

It's been so fun to watch some of the funny faces that Anna comes up with. It's hard to capture them on camera but we tried to get a few of them. Sure would love to know what she's thinking sometimes!!

Helping Daddy

Anna loves to do whatever her daddy is doing these days. Even if it takes him twice as long to get the job done Jonathan lets her join right in!