Friday, May 23, 2008

Family Fun!

Mamaw & Papaw came for a visit Thursday and Friday of this week. We started off Thursday morning at swim lessons. Anna was excited to have an audience just for her! While they were here Papaw fixed LOTS of things for Jonathan and I and also put molding up around our bathroom mirror. I'm surprised they keep coming back to visit us because everytime they come we put them to work! Mamaw and Anna played outside most of Friday while I started on my newest project for our bathroom, an antique cabinet that I'm painting. Anna and Mamaw watching Barney together. Anna has ditched her old favorite Boz for now. I don't know how she got on Barney but I'm hoping she's going to find a new favorite soon!
Anna dancing with her Papaw. She loves to dance!
Anna with her Papaw & Mamaw.

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The Rutland Family said...

Ah, Barney!!! Julia enjoyed him for a while, but the moment did pass. She stayed in love with Elmo for the most part with Barney only being a passing phase. Keep the faith, this too shall pass. Haha! Have a great Memorial Day!