Sunday, May 16, 2010

My little sunshine's

Kind of a silly picture of Anna but I haven't done the best job lately of taking pictures of the girls. I snapped this one while we were out playing on the swings after nap time the other day. She was in the mood for a picture :) Both girls are keeping me busy and bring me great joy each day. One of our favorite songs to sing with Anna is you are my sunshine...she and Emma truly are our rays of sunshine! Anna is my little artist these days. She spends a lot of time at the kitchen table coloring, drawing, tracing, writing (or attempting to), gluing, etc. If she's not doing that she's reading (or telling what she remembers the story to be) to her pretend class or singing. She keeps us entertained! Emma does not stay still for a minute! She does not like to sit. She can crawl but doesn't like to. She'd much rather be standing or holding onto something and walking. She can pull up on anything, even the wall, and if she can reach it with even a finger she'll grab onto it and walk. It's kind of scary at times and keeps me on my toes! I keep waiting for her to just let go and start walking without help--it's coming very soon! Emma is also jabbering a lot more lately. I think she's trying to keep up with her big sister :) I'm so thankful for happy, healthy children!!

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