Wednesday, May 19, 2010

End of the year teacher gift idea!

Anna goes to preschool two mornings a week and tomorrow is her last day. I found some fun things at Target and put together a little gift for each teacher and thought I'd share the idea! I couldn't get my pictures in the reverse order so it starts with the finished product :)

This is the finished product. I rolled the towel up, put the nail files and polish in the make-up bag and tied with this lime green ribbon I had. I added a little card to each teacher and had Anna decorate the back of the card. I thought it turned out cute and fun for summer time!

For the lady that does art a few other special teachers that helped in Anna's room occassionally I did just the nail polish and files. 
Nail polish on sale at Target for $1.83, pack of 6 files for $0.50 and the make up bag $4.99. Not trying to be cheap but we are on a tighter budget these days :) 

Beach towel at Target for $5.99

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casey said...

That is a great gift! Great idea!