Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cousin's Wedding

We spent last weekend in Tallahassee, FL for my cousin Matt's wedding. The wedding was outside by a pool so needless to say it was HOT!! The girls were troupers and had a great time with extended family that we don't get to see often. Anna danced her little heart out. She cracked us up asking to dance even when noone else was on the dance floor and then even dancing right in the center of a group of adults and loving the attention. After the ceremony we stripped Emma down to her bloomers (you'll see in one of the pictures below) which made her much happier--and cooler. She was a sweet girl as usual and tolerated the heat and long evening much better than I expected.

My handsome cousin Matt; the groom.
His bride, Kristin.

Jonny & Anna
Kevin, Tyler & Abby

Uncle Jonny & Tyler

A sweaty pic of the 4 of us!

An attempt to get a picture of all of us--hate that you can't see Emma's face. She was more interested in the pool and probably wanted to jump in to cool off!

My cousin Brad's girls, Rachel & Rebecca, with Anna. Wish we lived closer to them; Anna had lots of fun following them around and playing!

Anna dancing in her daddy's arms.

Emma cooling off in her bloomers :)

Wish I had a video of Anna dancing. Here she is in action. She was soooo cute!
Me and the girls with my great grandma. What a blessing that my children have three living great grandparents!
My dad and the girls on the day after the wedding (they were looking into the sun).

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Jeanne and Brad Wallace said...

it was so great to see you all and to let the girls meet. I got a few pics of your crew with your brother's (where everyone was looking)...I tried sending them to you, but your email bounced them back...