Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emma is ONE!!

My baby is a year old! It's amazing how fast life passes by but I've enjoyed every moment with this sweet little angel. It was hard to imagine that I could love another little girl like I love Anna but she has made it easy. Emma has the sweetest little personlality and is my cuddle bug. When I pick her up she always puts her little head on my shoulder like she's hugging me and pats me with a big smile on her face. I think that's her way of saying she loves me :) I'm looking forward to watching her grow into a beautiful little girl but I am sure going to miss this sweet baby stage!! Thank you God for blessing me with my sweet Emma!

I couldn't believe she left her hat on! I couldn't capture a smile because Emma seemed so shocked that everyone was staring at her and singing to her. She was so cute and such a good sport. She enjoyed the cake and later some ice cream too :)
Anna just LOVES her little sister; what a blessing to have two sweet little girls. I hope they'll be best friends!
My favorite people in the world!
My first birthday cakes. I wish I would have done this for Anna. It took longer than I expected b/c I cut the number one out and did two layers. Crumbs everywhere but nothing LOTS of frosting couldn't fix. I'm hoping to try to make Anna a birthday cake this year in September too; it was fun!
This one shows the colors better :)
Emma watching her big sister open her presents; she didn't mind. I couldn't hold Anna back. She was opening faster than Emma could look at them. Of course as you know a one year old doesn't really care about present opening anyway so I just let Anna take over!
My dad & Marty got Emma a really neat tricycle that converts 3 times so we can push and be strapped in now, later push without the harness and finally she'll be able to ride the tricylce on it's own when she older. She loved it (and I love the big, long handle so I don't have to bend over to push her)
Anna's friends Jessie & Kendall doing some crafts at the party.
My sweet nephew Tyler!
My mom with her grandkids.
Waiting for me to fill up the new water table. Lots of fun!
Tyler thought so too :)


Amy R. said...

Emma's cakes turned out so cute! You did such a good job. I just love all the colors on the #1.
Happy Birthday Emma!

casey said...

They are soooo cute! Beautiful girls! Happy Bday Emma!

The Rutland Family said...

I am very impressed with the cakes. Too bad you're not here or I would hire you to do some for me!!! They are gorgeous!!!! Speaking of gorgeous, Anna and Emma are just that!!!!! We sure do miss you guys!!!! Give the girls hugs from us!!!!
Love you all!