Monday, March 3, 2008

Wagon Ride

I finally decided to bring my camera along today for our daily wagon ride to see the cows! Anna loves her wagon and gets so excited about getting to go for a ride in it. So much so that when I try to go jogging with her I usually have to bribe her first with a wagon ride and then switch her to my jogging stroller. I'm ready to get in the wagon and get rolling!
We're on our way! Hey cows, can't you come a little closer?
The grass seemed to be more interesting than the cows today!

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karen said...

Anna has the cutest and sweetest expressions on her little face. I watched her for a few seconds before I went to choir Wednesday night. You can tell she loves her wagon rides to see the cows. Alli was the child who loved to look at the cows when she was Anna's age. You also reminded me that I have a wagon somewhere around here and I need to get it out and see if Aaron would like to take a ride. He's almost to the point where he might be too old. Maybe not.