Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

I did a terrible job of taking pictures this week when we were with our family. I didn't get any of my side of the family but we did stop to take a few with Jonathan's (Anna would not get in any of those pictures though)! We had a great time with both sets of parents, our brothers and family & my grandparents. Anna and her daddy doing the twist on their knees. It was quite funny to watch. Anna not only twists her little body but she swings her head back and forth too--you can tell by looking at her hair!
The Norton boys and their mama (Rachel & Sarah too).

Wish Anna would have gotten in this picture!

Jonathan's brother Chris and his girls.

Our nieces, Sarah & Rachel. Anna had such a good time playing with them this week. They were so sweet to her and gave her lots of attention!


casey said...

Those cheeks!! I love that big picture of her. She is just adorable.

Crystal Collins said...

These are some great pictures Michelle! I can only imagine how Caitlin will be with her first haircut, but at the rate she's going I'll be close to retirement before she needs one!
Love and miss you,