Thursday, July 24, 2008

Team Cookout

We had a cookout for Jonathan's basketball team tonight at our house to help kick-off their team building retreat for this weekend. They are having a "lock-in" at the Cage Center tonight through Saturday night and have many surprise activities planned for the weekend (I can't mention them in case one of the players reads this before they take place). Anna had such a great time with everyone being at her house and was quite the little show off. I think she could get used to having several rooms full of people to play with! We missed two of our players tonight though; K.B had a prior commitment to work camp and Brittany C. was supposed to fly in last night but her flight was cancelled. Guess we'll have to do it again soon--Anna would be thrilled! T.J., Holly, Kate, Kendall, & Laura G.
Kayla & Alex
Keta, Amy, Carol, Briana, & Brittany
Sally, Nikki, Laura M., Erica, & Keta
2008-2009 Berry Women's Basketball Team (minus two)

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