Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quick update for 2011

Since last time I posted...Emma is talking so much more. Anna quizzes her everyday on what words she can say. She will repeat most anything but of course some words are more recognizable than others. Anna is getting more & more independent and is such a good helper. She loves her little sister and most of the time likes to include her in everything she does. I haven't been doing a good job of taking pictures lately but I've included a few from January and February. Jonathan is doing great too by the way...he never seems to get in our pictures (of course I don't either). His basketball season is in full swing but he manages to still find lots of time to make his three girls (including me) feel special. He has a young team and has lost some games that he was disappointed about but there is still a good chance that they can do well in the rest of the season and tournament and go into post-season play. That would keep him busier for longer but I really hope they can!! Here are the pictures :)

This was taken the morning that the girls had pajama day at school (January). I thought it was hillarious that Anna wanted to wear her Buzz Lightyear pj's and Snow White Socks. Emma wore her sister's hand me down princess pj's.

I made the flowers that the girls have in their hair by using a link to a tutorial that I got from my friend Amy's blog. It was super easy! I made pink flower pins for all of the ladies at my MOPS group in honor of one of our members who just finished radiation for breast cancer; I think everyone enjoyed them. Anna's is a pin attached to a cloth headband and for Emma's I used a clip (I think they are called alligator clips) like I use when I make their hair bows. Here's the link for anyone else who wants to try

These pictures are of the girls dressed up in their Tangled t-shirts the day we went to see the movie. They had the t-shirts and books long before we ever saw the movie; Anna loves anything to do with a princess even is she doesn't know the story. My mom came for the weekend and Jonathan had a Friday night with no basketball so we took the girls to the movie last weekend. Anna got a little scared in parts (why does Disney have to put creepy looking characters in all of their movies?) but she enjoyed it. Emma sat still in parts and enjoyed jumping from lap to lap and eating popcorn :)

 Before picture (well kind of...I stopped to take it as I was getting started).

After. This is the door from our kitchen into our laundry room. It was desperately in need of painting and my sweet friend Amy suggested I paint it the color of blue that is in our den. Our kitchen is yellow with touches of this color. It's taken me a few days to get used to but I think I really like it! Anna was thrilled and asked if we could paint her bedroom door blue too (her favorite color). I told her having her walls blue was enough color in there :)

Thanks for reading! Hope you're enjoying your family as much as I am mine! Don't forget to count your blessings :)


Amy R. said...

I love the blue door Michelle! It adds a touch of character to the room and looks very fresh and happy! Glad you are enjoying your girls. They are cuties!

Amy R. said...

Miss you by the way! Call if you are ever this way.