Saturday, March 3, 2012

A quick look back at 2011 and a bathroom update!

Well I have a lot of catching up to do! I'm not doing well on blogging these days. I've picked a picture or two from each month that I missed to catch my blog up and hopefully I can do a little better keeping it up do date! Also at the bottom I included pictures of the update that I did to the girl's bathroom. Please let me know if you read my blog by making a comment. I originally started blogging to keep up with long distance family and friends but now with facebook I'm wondering if I need to continue this?!

March 2011

April 2011 This was a school picture. Emma didn't cooperate for a smile but I still thought it turned out cute!
 May 2011 Anna's first ballet recital! She looked beautiful and I loved watching her do a tap and ballet routine on stage! She has sinced moved on to gymnastics for this school year and is really enjoying that.
 May 2011 Sweet Emma (almost 2)
 I made Emma's birthday cake for her second birthday.

June 2011 Emma at her 2nd birthday party. She loves Minnie Mouse. We had a small party with mostly family and friends from church. Emma had a blast even though it started to rain right as we were getting everyone dressed in swim suits to play outside in the water. She didn't seem to mind! Can't believe how fast the time is going by with these precious girls!!
June 29, 2011 Emma on the day of her actual birthday.
 July 2011 Our second beach trip for the summer. This one was a short trip to St. Simon's Island in south Georgia. Jonathan spoke at a coach's clinic and the girls and I tagged along for some beach fun!

 August 2011 Back to school! The girls both go to "preschool" (mother's morning out really). Emma goes 2 mornings a week and Anna goes 3 mornings. I'm so thankful to be able to continue to stay home with them almost full time (only teaching two mornings a week)!!
 Another homemade birthday cake. I really love doing this for my girls!! I'd love to take cake decorating classes one day but for now I just look for ideas online and struggle through!
 September 2011 Anna's 5th birthday. She had a princess birthday party. We had it in the president's club at the CSU gym. The girls dressed like princesses, had their hair braided, nails done, make-up, etc. Anna had a great time!
 Emma had lots of fun at the party too!
 October 2011 A family weekend away in the moutains of North Georgia before Jonathan got busy with basketball season! We hiked, went to a corn maze and Baby Land General (home of the Cabbage Patch kids) while we were there. It was a great weekend!
 November 2011 Sweet sisters at grandma's house. We had a busy month of basketball and time with family for Thanksgiving. We spent time with both mine and Jonathan's families.
December 2011 The girls posing in the shirts they made at preschool after their Christmas musical.

2011 was a wonderful year for the Norton's! We are blessed beyond measure. God is so faithful in providing for our needs, keeping our family healthy and bringing happiness to us through our beautiful daughters on a daily basis.

Below are before and after pictures of the girl's bathroom. Our home is over 40 year old and slowly but surely we are trying to make some updates. Jonathan's dad came and put bead board up for us in our bathroom before Christmas. I sanded, primed, painted, caulked, etc. It's been a slow process as I had to do it at night when the girls were in bed. My mother in law ordered towels for me for my birthday to help complete the look I was going for. Initially Anna asked for a pink bathroom but changed her mind and chose turquoise. This is not surprising as her favorite colors are blue. I absolutely love the color! It's so bright and with all the white it just feels perfect (to me anyway). The girls are happy with it too!

Before. I removed the old medicine cabinet on the wall and Jonathan's dad patched the wall for me.
Before. We also removed this cabinet over the toilet to give it a more updated look.
Here it is!
I changed mirrors to one that is a little more feminine looking. Not my dream mirror but it worked in my budget :)
I hung hooks on the wall for the girls towels. I love the polka dots!

I painted letters for the girls names and added clear jewels along one edge of each letter to give them a girly look. I set them along the ledge of the bead board. Emma's looks smaller in this picture but it must have just been the angle I took the picture from because they are all the same size.

One more project checked off my list! If the others take me this long I'm in trouble :)
Thanks for reading!


Diane said...

You are sooo talented! Your girls are blessed to have you! I enjoyed the blog updates. God bless!
Diane Warren

The Rutland Family said...

I LOVE to read your blog!!! I miss you all so much!!!!!!!!! Hope you are all doing well!!!!