Sunday, January 13, 2008

Congratulations Jonny!

We are so proud of Jonny and his accomplishments as a coach. On Thursday evening Jonathan's team beat Southern Wesleyan 75-52 to give Jonathan his 100th career win. This includes wins from 3 seasons as a head coach at Lander University and the 2 1/2 seasons he's been at Berry. There was a nice article in the paper on Friday about him and also on Berry's website ( & the SSAC's website ( His assistant, Amy Krach, had a plaque made for him and gave it to him after the game Thursday (thanks Amy). His team was also recently ranked in the top 25 in the NAIA National Poll (

Most of you know about the passion that Jonathan has for the game of basketball. He loves to watch and study the game and truly enjoys his job. Coaching college basketball is demanding of his time with juggling practices, scouting, recruiting, film watching, weight work-outs, etc. I'm so glad to be able to say that his job and winning basketball games is not his first priority though. Jonathan is committed to serving God and to making time for Anna and I. He is also very concerned about the impact that he has on his player's and is continually striving to be an example to them on and off the court. We're proud of his wins, but we're even more proud of the man that he is! Congratulations Jonny; we love you!

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