Sunday, February 3, 2008

Opening of the Cage Center

Thursday (1/31/08) was an exciting day for Berry College Basketball. It was opening night in the new Cage Center. Fortunately, Jonathan's team was able to squeak out a win to make the evening have a happy ending. Check out Berry's website ( for more pictures of the Cage Center--it's very impressive! Bob & Kay Williams (big Berry supporters) had jerseys made for their grandchildren several years ago. Now that they've outgrown them, their daughter is letting Anna borrow them. This one said Berry on the front with the number 1/2. Here's Anna getting ready to cheer her daddy's team on!
Dancing before the game...if there is music, Anna is dancing. She puts on quite the show!
Anna (with her serious game face) and Mamaw.
Sam Rutland and his dad, Judd. We tease that this is Anna's future husband. Sam and Anna are in the same Sunday school class at church. When I drop Anna off for church Sam will come over and say Anna's name and gives her a kiss. He's so sweet to her and a real cutie!
Jonathan, Mr. Cage, and Berry's president in a pre-game ceremony for the Cage Center opening.
Jonathan in action with his team!
I was trying to get a picture to show a little of the Cage Center. I think Berry's website has some better pictures though!

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