Friday, February 15, 2008

Boz the bear & pigtails

Anna (17 months) thinks that she is now in charge of our tv. As you can see, she knows where the on/off button is and whenever she isn't interested in what's on she turns the tv off (including Daddy's basketball games)! Her new favorite character is Boz the bear. She doens't quite understand that he isn't on the tv all day long. She thinks if she pushes the button to turn the tv on that he is supposed to show up on the screen (even though he can only be found on DVD). It's kind of funny to watch her! Mom's new thing is putting Anna's hair in pigtails (bottom two pictures). She's getting more hair now & it's been fun to play around with it. Turning the tv on in hopes that she'll be able to watch Boz!

Anna with her favorite bear, Boz. For those of you who don't know about Boz you can find his DVDs at a Christian book store. The videos are really cute plus they teach kids about God!

Watching Boz...

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e_susan94 said...

Hi, I just googled "Boz" the bear because I want to make my son's birthday cake with Boz's head or face. We love the DVD's and books from him too over here. I also love that it teaches about God and good life lessons. I don't have a blog yet or I would share it with you but my email is attached (I hope).