Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Various things...

Anna in her trick or treat outfit. I asked her to pose for a picture so I could send it to my mom today and she was so cooperative!! I loved her smile in this one! A friend of mine got Anna a princess wand and halo for her birthday. Anna was being silly one morning last week playing and let me get some pictures of her. She's been so into the Disney Princesses lately! You can see in the picture that she had on her princess nightgown (with pants underneath b/c it was chilly on the morning we took this).
More of princess Anna!
Anna with her cousin Sarah and one of Sarah's friends. They got to play together a couple of weeks ago while we were visiting at Mamaw & Papaw's house. I forgot to include it in one of my other posts and thought it was cute. Sarah is so sweet to Anna but we don't get to see much of her since she lives out of town. Anna thinks she is great though!!

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Jeanne and Brad Wallace said...

Super cute! We are all about princesses here, and let me tell you, don't be afraid to "work it". Princesses always have pretty teeth, so we know they love to brush them. Pincesses always always clean merrily and sing. Our Church even does a Princess with a Purpose program for when Anna (or our girls) would be 4. This whoel year I keep reminding Rebecca if she acts enough like a princess, she might get to go to a princess school next summer - its worked wonders! There is also a book called Polite as a Princess, talks about good basic manners that each princess has, that book has been well loved here, I like I got it at Target. She's just darling! I wish we could get to JAX at the same time one of these days! Oh, another thing, dress up started big for us at 2, disneystore.com online has all their princess dresses nearly half price right now - its a good deal on shipping, too. Might be a good Christmas gift for her. Just a thought!