Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas 2008

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Jonathan was able to spend a few days here with Anna & I just hanging out without basketball practice before Christmas. That's always my favorite time! We headed for our parent's houses the Monday before Christmas and Anna & I stayed until the following Sunday evening. We were busy while we were there seeing all of our family but did have a few relaxing days which was nice too. My dad, Marty, my stepsister Leslie & her family & Kevin & Abby came to our house for an early dinner and then to J's game the Tuesday after Christmas. We had J's basketball team over to the house for breakfast on Jan. 2nd and then more company that Saturday for another basketball game! Our life rarely slows down during basketball season but we certainly can't ever say we are bored! Anna & I left this past Thursday to join Jonathan's team in SC for games on Thur & Sat. On Friday we made a stop in Greenwood, SC (where we lived prior to Rome) and got to visit with several of our friends. The trip wore me out and I was glad to have a few minutes to rest on Sunday after church before starting a new semester of teaching this Monday. That about wraps up what we've been up to lately! Here are the pictures from Christmas!!

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