Saturday, January 24, 2009

Princess Anna

Anna got a Snow White dress up outfit from Santa for Christmas. This morning she decided that she would try it on for the FIRST time for her daddy & I. She looked adorable and I think she thought she was quite something herself. She posed very willingly for these pictures and then immediately asked to take it off. She's not really into dress up yet but I can't say that I'm too anxious for it. I know she'll be wanting to get dressed/undressed all day long when the time comes!! We did enjoy seeing her pose as a princess for a short time this morning though. She is such a blessing and more fun each day!!


The Rutland Family said...

How precious. She is truly a princess. Yes, don't get to anxious for dress-up. Once they start, they don't stop (Julia hasn't anyway). Playing dress-up is her favorite thing to do!!!

The Harrison Family said...

Too cute, but she always is! Many afternoons Addie disappears into her room and when I check on her, it looks like the dress up trunk has exploded all over her room! Girls LOVE their dress up.

Kate said...

So precious!