Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another GIRL!!!

I had my ultrasound today (I'm 20 weeks). We're very excited to be adding another girl to our family (due on July 4th)! Anna was convinced all along that she was having a sister so no surprise to her! She did go to the appointment with us and when we left the ultrasound lab to wait to see the doctor she asked me where the baby was. Guess she thought we'd be bringing her home today! Wish it was that easy!!

The baby looked good but they did find two choroid plexus cysts. These are fluid filled cysts in the brain that are markers for trisomy 18. Fortunately, the doctor said that most of the time by weeks 28-32 they will disappear with no negative consequences to the baby. They will do another ultrasound in 8 weeks. Please pray with us for a healthy baby girl!


Jeanne and Brad Wallace said...

We will no doubt be joining you in prayer for a healthy baby GIRL!!! We'd already been praying for your baby's health, and now we'll add girl to that prayer! Anna will love being a big sister so much! I know Rebecca did. And it is fun for you because you get to reuse all those "old" favorites you probably didn't put Anna in too much to "save" them! 2 girls are so fun, and so sweet, and they will be both so beautiful. You will feel and be so blessed by them I am sure as we have been by ours. Congratulations, and here's looking to a great next few months for us all!

Ali said...

Oh wow! we'll be praying for your baby girl! I wish we could coordinate our running out there, but time is just so sporadic... I grab my chance when it comes!! Love being your new neighbor!