Monday, February 23, 2009

Family Moments

My mom was here for a visit this weekend so she was able to get a rare family shot of the three (actually 4) of us before church Sunday. Anna is so full of personality and I just love her smiles and facial expressions. She is really interested in my belly lately and asks constantly where my big belly is. I show her and then she sweetly says "it's just a little belly right now mommy". Guess I better enjoy that while it lasts! She is also so sweet about patting my stomach and giving sister hugs and kisses. I'm hoping she loves her sister as much when she actually gets here. She has also been asking to hold her and I've been trying to explain that she'll have to wait a few more months before she can do that. We use a baby doll as a substitute for now!
I finally got Anna to wear her new dress coat to church on Sunday; blue is her favorite color! It's too big but I bought it that way on purpose so she'd have it for next year. She looked like a little princess!

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