Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's official!!

I'm finally able to share officially that Jonathan is now the new head women's basketball coach at Columbus State University. He will finish his contract at Berry College until the end of May and then get started with his new responsibilities. We are very sad to be leaving Rome. We've made some really sweet friends here, love our church and our home, my job, Berry College, Anna's pre-school, etc. However, we have prayed about this for quite some time and know that God is leading us to Columbus. I am so thankful for God's word and the peace he has given me as Jonathan and I have been making this decision. This will be our third move together as a couple and it's always a challenge for me to get readjusted, meet new friends, settle in a church, etc. but each time we've moved the blessings just get better and better so I have no doubt that will be the case again this time. Jonathan and I both graduated from Columbus State with undergraduate and graduate degrees so we are very excited about seeing old faces and reconnecting there again. I'm very proud of Jonathan and all that he has accomplished to get to this point. There are really nice write ups on him on both Berry's website (www.berry.edu) and Columbus's website (www.colstate.edu); both are under athletics and then women's basketball. I will post pictures from his press conference soon. I wish I had a copy of the video of that. He did such a good job of speaking! Anna did great too and sat quietly during the entire speech!! We spent all day today looking at houses. I'm exhausted!! We didn't find much but crossed several areas off of our list so I guess that is progress. Please pray for us as we try to get our house sold here in Rome and find one in Columbus--preferrably quickly since we only have 10 weeks before sweet little Emma gets here (yikes!)!!


The Rutland Family said...

If you don't sell your house, does that mean you have to stay??? Hum~how should I pray??? I'm just kidding! I think this is wonderful for all of you. We are definetly going to miss you guys more than you will ever know. We love you!

kbh said...

I'm so happy/sad. I was just getting to know you! I'm so glad we got a chance to have our bible study together. I know God has fantastic plans for you all in Columbus. You will be greatly missed! Philippians 1:3-6 :)

Lori said...

We are so excited for ya'll. I know that it will be an adjustment for all of you, but you will all do fine. This is really a great time for the move before the girls are old enough for school. We know how happy that ya'll must be. Keep us updated and we miss you all lots!! Love you.