Thursday, April 9, 2009

No more cysts!!!

Emma's brain looked healthy today and the cysts were gone! God is so good and we are very thankful!! She is breech right now but the doctor said there is still time for her to turn. So turn Emma, turn!! I'm 28 weeks so we still have a little while for her to get into position before we have to worry. The 2 week appointments are beginning--can't believe we are getting this close. Thanks for all the prayers up to this point!!


picturesofhisgrace said...

So thankful you got good news today! That's wonderful! I can't believe you are already 28 weeks. Time is flying! Please don't hesitate to call me if you need anything.

Lori said...

We are praying for a TURN!!!! Cannot believe how the time has flown with this pregnancy. Sure you don't feel that way everyday though. I'm soooo excited for you. Miss you and wish we were together to share in this time with you. Keep us posted. Here is a little prayer for you and Baby Emma!!

Dear Jesus,
Please continue to be with Michelle and Baby Emma....please keep them healthy and help Baby Emma to TURN!!!! Thank you for the answered prayers already in that there are NO MORE CYSTS!!! What a blessing!!! You know what is needed before we ask...thank you for giving this precious unborn child a Godly mother who loves her so much already. Thank you Jesus for what you have in store for this precious family. In your Precious and Holy Name, AMEN!