Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter (and before)

We've been celebrating Easter at our house for a couple of weeks! Anna's preschool had a picnic and egg hunt to start us out. It was cold! We all had long sleeves and coats on but still had a fun time. A family from Anna's school had everyone come to their farm for the morning. The kids hunted for eggs, rode their bikes, could take horse rides (Anna didn't want to do this), sat on the tractor and then had a picnic lunch.

Last weekend we had an egg hunt at the Isaac's house. Anna really got into finding the eggs that day and it was fun to watch them run all over the yard looking for them. We dyed eggs at our house with these same friends this past Friday. Anna had blue dye all the way up her hands :)

For Easter weekend Jonathan's parents came to stay with us. We had fun playing and relaxing on Saturday. On Sunday we all enjoyed church together, lunch and more playing.

We also had an unplanned event thrown in the mix last week. On Anna's first trip to the dentist (just a routine appt) we found out that she had an abscessed tooth. She had to have it pulled. You will notice in the bottom pictures of Easter morning that she is minus one front tooth. We were very concerned but she did better with it than we expected and looks really cute!! She is very proud actually and talks about her big girl tooth coming in quite frequently (she doesn't understand that it will be a LONG time before she actually gets that big girl tooth)!

God is so good to our sweet family. Easter is only celebrated one day each year--what a shame-- Jesus gave his life for us and three days later rose from the dead. HE LIVES! HE LIVES! HE LIVES! This is reason to celebrate EVERY day!!

Jonathan and Anna on the tractor on the day of her preschool egg hunt.
Anna just after the preschool egg hunt, showing off the eggs she collected. She could have had an overflowing basket but after a few minutes she looked at me and said she was finished :)

Anna with her friends Jesse & Kendall after the egg hunt at their house.
Can you tell she is enjoying herself?!

Proud egg hunter!

Easter morning--my happy, sweet Emma!!

Anna was so cute looking at all of her Easter goodies! Look closely and you can see her missing tooth :)

Loving my Emma!

Family shot--impossible to get everyone looking in the same direction!

Papaw & Mamaw with the girls. Their second set of granddaughters. Our neices are already 14 & 12 years old--wow!

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Amy R. said...

Sweet pics! They are growing up too! You look like a little skinny mama too! It is good to keep up with you on your blog. Miss you!