Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun Art Work (by Anna & Me)!

Anna loves to color and draw. This is what her people look like (see below).They all have a round body/head with arms, legs, a face & hair. So cute--it makes me smile. She also loves to write. She can only spell a few words Anna, Emma, mommy and hot (don't know how she learned this one but I think by accident). She can write most of her letters but still needs work on some of them. She doesn't like much help from me unfortunately (but some days I can catch her wanting me to help)!
I've wanted to do this for a long time but after seeing a tutorial from my friend's blog I was motivated to get started. I love all the new wall art that you can just rub onto the wall but most of it is very expensive. Instead I learned how to do it myself using word processing, transfer paper and a paint pen. It's pretty time consuming (especially since I chose a long verse) but I enjoyed it and like the result. We are really trying hard to learn more scripture in our family. My goal is to have scriptures all over our house. Our kitchen now has two verses on the wall. One from a wall adhesive that I found at Life-Way for $14.99 which I thought was a great deal and the other is the one I painted on. Pictures of both are below. I plan to do my next one in mine and Jonathan's bedroom. If I get to it I'll post pictures :)
 This is the wall art I purchased from Life Way (Numbers 6:24 &25). It is 4 separate stickers. I liked the verse but I also loved that it has the colors of my kitchen (teals and even a litte yellow).
It picks up the color of my favorite little cabinet that I painted when we lived in Rome, GA.
Here is the one I painted (Galatians 5:22 & 23). I also recently painted my door the color blue that is in my den and am really loving it!

Close up of the verse.
I printed the letters off of the computer after I chose the font and size I wanted and then taped them to the wall.

Next I used transfer paper to copy the letters to the wall. It left this turquoise writing. Finally I used a paint pen to paint each letter (see pictures from above of the final product). Yes, this took a really long time and since it was so high on the wall my right arm and shoulder got a workout :)

I did some painting in Anna's room awhile back that I will have to post pictures of. For that one I wrote my own letters and made stencils out of manilla folders and then painted it. That was a much more difficult way. I'm thankful for my creative friend Amy whose ideas I'm constantly stealing. Take a look at her blog sometime Amy's blog for great ideas! You're so talented Amy!


Amy R. said...

Wow Michelle! You were brave to tackle that one! It looks great and a great verse. Thanks for linking back to my blog and for your kind words. You are pretty talented yourself. Love ya!

Amy R. said...

Hey, just another thought that I know Jonny will love...if you want to totally change the lighting in your kitchen, then be on the lookout for cheap brass chandeliers at garage sales this spring. Spray paint it, add some crystals and replace your flourescent light. It will instantly change the feel of your kitchen! just sayin!

Leslie said...

Wow!! The kitchen looks did such a good job. I can't imagine how long this took to do!!!