Monday, July 26, 2010

A few summer projects

I really enjoy doing little projects but rarely find the time to do them. I managed to find time for a few this summer so I thought I'd post a few pics.
When we lived in Rome, GA Jonathan had an idea to hang an old window box we weren't using on our swingset and it looked really cute. The old one was red and I painted Anna's garden on it. It was falling apart so my father in law made a new one. Anna wanted it painted blue and of course I had to add sweet little Emma's name to this one. I liked the red color better but this blue matches the swings and the canopy on the fort and is Anna's favorite color. The letters are not perfect but I hate stenciling so I do my letters free hand :)
I found a board in the scrap pile at Lowe's for less than a dollar and painted it black and then hand painted this Bible verse from Joshua on it in a cream color. I used eye hooks and black wire to hang it above the chair you'll see below. It's hanging next to the door on our front porch.
I found this ladder back chair at Goodwill for $7. I cut the seat out and painted the chair black. I had a wire basket I wasn't using so I wired it in the seat part and planted some flowers. I'm disappointed that the begonias I planted on the sides of the sweet potatoe vine haven't spread out; next summer I'll use different flowers for a fuller look. I love the chair on the front porch helped fill an empty spot near the front door.

Another sale--found this little bird house on sale at Michael's and thought it would look cute next to my chair. Wish I could take credit for painting it but not me :)
Here's the finished product. Again, fuller flowers (and ones that weren't wilting for the picture) would make this look much better but it works for now :)
I made this no sew window treatment for Anna's room (actually made two, one for both windows). I don't have a sewing machine (nor do I sew) so a hot glue gun came in handy for these. I got the idea from my friend Amy and an ad for JoAnn's fabrics. I had to leave the blinds down to take the picture because there was too much light otherwise but they look better when the blinds are up. I used a white ilet fabric because it's light and airy looking when the blinds are up. The ties are just made with blue/white polka dot ribbon. Pretty simple which is my style!

That's it for the projects so far!


The Rutland Family said...

I'm impressed!!!! You are amazing!!! I love all of your projects and think if you ever get bored, you could do some for me. Miss you all!!!!!

casey said...

Those are great! You are so crafty! Your painting of letters is very impressive! You must have always gotten an A in handwriting in school! Hope your summer is going well!

Amy R. said...

You know I love your projects you worked on this summer! You crafty girl!